Sripadha has been successfully providing IT Staffing to a number of businesses and has established its reputation as

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At Sripadha we understand these business drivers and provide solutions to end users in collaboration with our clients.

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Offshore Development

Sripadha Offshore Development Center offers cost-effective services to companies who outsource their product development. We are ideally suited for extensive offshore product development and focus on Rapid Product Development to meet “Time to Market” requirements for our clients.

Offshore Development Centers (ODC) benefits include:

  • Product Development
  • Database Integration
  • Custom Software
  • Application Maintenance
  • Managed Services

Offshore Outsourcing Services – Software Development:

  • Rapid Development
  • Beta Testing
  • Deployment
  • IT Management
  • Custom IT Requirements
  • Product Development
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance
  • Product Planning
  • Product Enhancement

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